Silicone Product Safety & Compliance

Product Safety: 

All of our handmade silicone products follow CPSC Requirements + Guidelines. All of the materials used to create our handmade items are FDA approved. This is to ensure that your Rowdy Babe has the safest quality product possible. This item is not a toy. Do not leave your child unattended or unsupervised with the product, including sleep time. This item is deemed safe. However, in no case whatsoever, does that leave liability or responsibility on Rowdy Mama's Co. or any associated item manufacturer. Purchasing any silicone product implies that the buyer is notified and constitutes any + all liability + responsibility for the item and/or use of this item.

Damaged Items: 

In the event that you receive your item and it is damaged - take a photo of the item, dispose the item + reach out to 

In the event that your item becomes damaged, dispose immediately + reach out to 


All products are disinfected before being shipped. It is recommended that products are washed a with a mild dish soap/bottle soap before use. Dry metal, plastic, or wooden clip immediately.  Leave or hang product to air dry.